An easy way to check for malware in memory

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  • Linda Kaufman

    Blog isn’t really a blog without comments. That is not just about publishing the content, blogging is a process of community building through communication aspects.

    • Molly Stevenson

      Surely, people are a curious breed. Personally I have been on numerous forums. Having seen a thread with large number of responses, I usually read them all, “cos it seems to be something good”. That’s the same with blogs commenting.

  • Catherine Williams

    One more important thing is about bloggers. Reading through the post comments is the easiest way for him to understand what people need to know, what are they curious about. That helps the author to figure out what other topics to write about and possibly what other products to create.

  • Janett Smith

    The fact that ability to discuss the topic together, to communicate relevant points about both sides of the story publicly, allows to form stronger opinion of your own and learn more. This can even encourage the reader to leave his own opinion about certain topic, thus adding value of the whole post.

    • Tom Sparks

      Surely, such a result benefits everybody, even including those who are just reading and sit quiet on the sidelines.

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