Tech in schools: less is more

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  • Linda Kaufman

    It is really smug and self-righteous just to post the content without giving people an ability to showcase their opinion. It will looks like “my content is so good, that your opinion doesn’t matter to me”. That is a rough mistakes of bloggers-beginners.

  • Molly Stevenson

    Surely, people are a curious breed. Personally I have been on numerous forums. Having seen a thread with large number of responses, I usually read them all, “cos it seems to be something good”. That’s the same with blogs commenting.

  • Alex Grey

    Many people don’t realize, that leaving a comment – the act of a reader filling in the required fields – familiarizes readers with taking an action on the blog. Surely, that is the main aim of each blogger.

    • Arthur Middleton

      This also makes it probable that they will present other actions, such as subscribing to an RSS feed, a newsletter, or even making a purchase of your products. They say “Once a customer, always a customer”. The same works with blogging – “Once an action taker, always an action taker”.

      • William Thompson

        Reading through the post comments is the easiest way for him to understand what people need to know, what are they curious about. That helps the author to figure out what other topics to write about and possibly what other products to create.

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