Deck your flat with smart technology

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  • Linda Kaufman

    Blog isn’t really a blog without comments. That is not just about publishing the content, blogging is a process of community building through communication aspects.

    • George Brown

      There exist countless situations on any type of blog, that we find the reader’s comments even more informative and interesting, than the post itself. However, there are not just the benefits for the readers. Allowing comments on the blog also provides huge benefits for the blog author. First of all, let’s discuss a social proof aspect of commenting.

  • Molly Stevenson

    Reading through the post comments is the easiest way for him to understand what people need to know, what are they curious about. That helps the author to figure out what other topics to write about and possibly what other products to create.

  • Tom Sparks

    Many people don’t realize, that leaving a comment – the act of a reader filling in the required fields – familiarizes readers with taking an action on the blog. Surely, that is the main aim of each blogger.

  • Alfred McHills

    This also makes it probable that they will present other actions, such as subscribing to an RSS feed, a newsletter, or even making a purchase of your products. They say “Once a customer, always a customer”. The same works with blogging – “Once an action taker, always an action taker”.

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